Imperial Progam

Edmonton Impact Team

Paintball was first introduced to Impact through Josh Ouimet (nephew) who first played in Florida at the age of 11. Josh was the one who brought it back to the Yachimec family. Shortly after the family was introduced to the sport, father Bart Yachimec played his first game with his two sons in Hawaii. In the summer of 2001 the group of tightly knit family members discovered a sport that would turn into a obsession that they played every weekend. The team consisted at that time of Greg and Josh Ouimet (Brother in-law and nephew) Bart, Zach, and Zane Yachimec.

This team would go on and compete together until 2003 World Cup where they won Div 3 X-ball. At this point they would pick up new additions Anthony Faiazza and Matt Brown who are still on the current roster. Shortly after World Cup Impact would be a force to be reckoned with, winning almost every tournament they entered.

At the end of 2004 Impact would win the overall title of the MR Series in both Amateur and Novice divisions and enter it’s first ever NPPL Commanders Cup event with it’s winnings. In 2005 Impact competes in it’s first year of NPPL, competing in Division 2 in the first two events and then moving into Semi Pro for the following three events. Impact would make the playoffs in the final event.

Team Results 2018


  • NXL - 2018 NXL World Cup - 3rd Place
  • NXLE - 2018 NXL Europe Paris-Chantilly Open - Series Champions
  • NXL - NXL Chicago Open 2018 – 9th Place
  • NXLE - 2018 NXL Europe Basildon-London - Series Champions
  • NXL Atlantic City Open 2018 - Series Champions
  • NXLE - 2018 NXL Europe Prague Open - 2nd Place
  • NXL Texas Open 2018 - 2nd Place
  • 2018 NXL Europe Chartres Open - 2nd Place