Imperial Progam


Unleash Greatness

Introducing G.I. SPORTZ’s new line of improved paintballs. We have gone back to the quality and consistency of the famed DRAXXUS™ formulations and tweaked each targeted formula to even higher standards. Look for the patented badge symbols for the assurance of quality tailored performance formulations and UNLEASH GREATNESS!

3, 4 & 5 STAR paintballs contain DFT FUSE™ Ultra Performance Formulation. This unique formula is the legendary DRAXXUS™ fill and shell technology, the proven benchmark in aerodynamically consistent performance, creating a full line of purpose formulated, title winning tournament paintballs.

1 & 2 STAR paintballs contain the OIL-FREE ECOFILL™ Environment-Friendly DRAXXUS™ Formulation. This unique formulation offers a faster complete biodegradability that is neither toxic nor polluting to the environment attaining a new level in easy-clean and non-staining renewability. Protection for your playing field, equipment and gear.

FROSTBITE paintballs contain the CRYO FILL™ Freeze-Proof Formula found originally in DRAXXUS™ winter paintballs. A true winter formulation researched and developed to perform in cold climates withstanding conditions down to -20ºC / -4º F. Bright marking fill and robust easy tracking dual colored shells with printed snowflake symbol of cold weather authenticity.