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Copenhagen Ducks add a Kiwi to the flock

By December 3, 2012August 13th, 2019No Comments

The dust has settled around the paintball world with the PSP World Cup, Millennium Series World Cup and the NPPL World Championships over.  First thing comes to mind…now what do I do for the next few months?

The time of players jumping from one team to another, or otherwise called ”the silly season”, has begun.  Most of the European teams are still recovering from the final events of the season.  However for Copenhagen Ducks preparations for the 2013 season have already begun.

When I did a video interview with Ducks a couple of years ago they talked how they were rebuilding and growing along with a stronger drive to succeed in the CPL.  They talked about missing the cut and being regulated down to SPL and their goal was to move forward and out of the danger zone. For the past three seasons they keep edging up a notch in the rankings. For 2013 the Ducks add a Kiwi to the flock.

Mathew Lewis, originally from New Zealand, has been picked up by the Ducks.  I know Mathew myself and I can say it will be an added advantage to the Ducks to have a dangerous snake player.  I’ve watched Mathew play in the past 2.5 Millennium Series seasons, if he gets in the snake, watch out.  Lewis is an aggressive and passionate paintball player.  My camera has caught many a amazing dives, runs and kills from Lewis.  I am truly looking forward to seeing Mathew in Duck green next season.

According to the Duck’s the team now consists of Danish, Swedish and New Zealand players.  The 2012 Millennium Series season saw the Ducks sporting two familiar faces, those of the brothers Samuelson – Sebban and Kalle.  Two of Joy Division’s finest players, and deadly.

This year’s Bitburg event was the Ducks best result since 2010, but with these new additions to the roster I believe that the Ducks will be giving teams in the CPL a run for their money.

Now as for me, well there is no off season.  In 14 short days we pack up and head to Moscow for the 2nd leg of the Iceball Indoor Series at the amazing paintball arenas – Arena Paintball Moscow and Arena Paintball Palace. Two full weekends with amazing paintball indoors with +15-20c!  While outdoors maybe freezing indoors will definitely be HOT!  I will also be catching up with some of the Art Chaos guys and checking in here with some scenes of what they do in the off season.


By Amy Helge