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New Year New Beginnings from Moscow

By January 24, 2013August 13th, 2019No Comments

Greetings and Happy New Year! Time goes fast! We spent our Christmas in Moscow although they do not celebrate Christmas as we do in Sweden.  In fact their ”Christmas” is January 7th.  So December 25th was a regular day in Russia.

On December 26th we had the honor to attend a year end awards party in part by Headshot Paintball and Life Magazine.  We had been nominated for an award.  Although we were honored we did not expect to win, but we did.  Our award was for Support and Development of Russian Paintball outside Russia for 2012.  There were many in the category that I knew and respected for their work for Russian paintball.  Its an amazing feeling when they announced the nominees and the entire crowd cheered when they named us.  It was an even louder cheering for us when they announced us as winners.  For the first time in my life (was also noted by the MC) that I was completely speechless.  Our friend Ekaterina came to my rescue and translated what words I could get out.

Many came up to us later in the evening for congratulatory hugs and handshakes.  Saying how much they appreciated what we do, not just in Russia but for paintball in general.  It’s a good feeling when people notice what you strive for.  For us that is our goal to help build the sport.

We had a small scare on our flight home as we made an emergency landing after being off the ground 10 minutes.  However after about and hour and a half we were on new bigger plane and off to Copenhagen.

Once more we hit the ground running.  When we returned home it was deadline day for Paintball X3 Euro and I had so much news to write I spent the next few days working on the photos we had taken for the events as well as articles for the magazine.  And now here it is, January 11th already!  We are already preparing for our next trip to Russia on the 15th for the 3rd leg of the Iceball series.  I have a special photo shoot that’s top secret, the results will be released in conjunction with the Arena Moscow Girls Cup.  We are even doing a behind the scenes video of the shoot.  Should be fun and interesting.

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