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TOUR OF DUTY : Tippman Challenge Australia

By September 27, 2012August 13th, 2019No Comments

The 1st of September 2012 set a new chapter in Australian Paintball when Hot Shots Paintball hosted the first ever Tippmann Challenge Australia.

Squads were formed from all over the country and came together to make “Tour of Duty” the pinnacle of scenario games played in the land down under. The
BIG GAME scenario was played over 40 acres with multi-themed playing fields spanning over some of history’s epic battlegrounds from ancient Egypt to the
Middle Ages through to a Wild West town and back to the WW11 trenches.

The rumble of the tanks kept everyone on their toes as the heavy artillery echoed in the background. Armies were engaged in a relentless battle for holding ground
as the line was pushed forward by Allied forces, only to be pushed back again with equal Axis force. Demolition crews blew bridges, Castles were taken, Banks
were raided and Water reserves were demolished.
As the dust settled and the smoke cleared it was time to reflect on what had passed that day. Grudges were settled and the battle fought but in the end paintball in Australia was the victor.

The fantastic support provided by GI Sportz and Tippmann Sports for the first Australian TOUR of DUTY event, the Tippmann Challenge – Australia made the
event a total success and now, one of Australia’s premier scenario and big game.
Looking forward to seeing you at the next TOUR of DUTY in Australia.