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Bringing Affordable, Quality Tournament Paintball to the Northwest!

By May 31, 2013August 13th, 2019No Comments

The West Coast Paintball Series is the largest tournament series in the Northwest, drawing teams and players from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and beyond. As we enter our 5th season, we are renewing our commitment to bringing affordable, quality tournament paintball to the Northwest. The WCPS is excited to expand on our past success and advance the sport of paintball with the support of our players, teams and sponsors. We are looking forward to another successful season in 2013!


2013 Speedball Events

Event #1 Winter Open February 16th @ Diamond Hil Paintballl- Harrisburg, OR
Event #2 Cascade Open April 20th @ Royal Ridges- Yacolt, WA
Event #3 Valley Open June 15th @ Diamond Hill Paintball- Harrisburg, OR
Event #4 Battle Ground Open August 24th @ Royal Ridges- Yacolt, WA
Event #5 West Coast Championships October 19th @ Royal Ridges- Yacolt, WA