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Event report – Dimension Paintball SEEDS Series

By October 8, 2012August 13th, 2019No Comments

Dimension Paintball SEEDS Series 3-man Event #4:

Event #4 couldn’t have been set up better. The weather was a nice comfortable 70 degrees, clear sky’s, fresh G.I.Sportz 3 Star and 4 Star paintballs and teams hungry for one last chance to step up and take the SEEDS Series 3-man Season Cup.
The day started off with intense competition right from the first game.

D5 saw a new team in their division (Toxic Rage) who was on fire throughout the prelims.
Team Pudstrum grinded their way past the prelims by just edgenig past Ohio Vice Red to make a return appearance in the finals and avenge their near miss at the last event.
Team Excalibur and Team Excalibur Red also went on to make another finals appearance and try to continue their dominance that they had displayed all season.

D4 also saw a new team in their division (Team Freeze) who showed a lot of fight for their first event together.
While PA Mercenaries and Factory Team continued to show solid performances throughout the prelims.

D5 Finals came down to Team Excalibur and Team Excalibur Red surprisingly both missing the cut for 1st & 2nd and were set to battle it out for 3rd and 4th. New comer Toxic Rage and Team Pudstrum showing solid play pushed forward to battle for 1st and 2nd.
At the end of the day, Toxic Rage went on to take 1st place over Team Pudstrum who finished 2nd. Team Excalibur went on to take 3rd place over Team Excalibur Red who finished 4th place.

D4 Finals came down to another familiar match up between the PA Mercenaries and Factory Team. In an close battle PA Mercenaries proved to be the better team taking 1st place over Factory Team in the finals.

The Final Standings for the SEEDS Series Event #4:
D4 3-man
1st – PA Mercenaries
2nd – Factory Team
3rd – Team Freeze

D5 3-man
1st – Toxic Rage
2nd – Pudstrum
3rd – Team Excalibur
4th – Team Excalibur Red

At the conclusion of the event, season standings were updated and the SEEDS Series 3-man Season Champions were announced.
D4 Champions ended up taking home 3 GOG Extcy markers and the D4 3-man SEEDS Series Cup while D5 took home GOG Freak and Freak Jr. barrels and the D5 3-man SEEDS Series Cup.

The Final Season Standings for the SEEDS Series 3-man:
D4 3-man
1st – Factory Team
2nd – PA Mercenaries
3rd – Method
*4th – First Strike
*4th – Misfit Mafia

D5 3-man
1st – Team Excalibur
2nd – Ohio Vice Red
3rd – Team Excalibur Red
4th – Pudstrum

What a awesome end to a great season in the SEEDS Series 3-man.
We are all looking forward for 2013 being bigger and better!

Stay tuned to G.I.Sportz forums, Pbnation, Dimension Paintball Facebook and, for updates for the 2013 SEEDS Series 3-man.