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Paintball: It’s Not Just Capture the Flag Anymore!

By September 12, 2019November 15th, 2019No Comments

From themed scenario games to Halloween zombie hunts, there’s something paintball for everyone!

When paintball was created back in the early eighties, the game was envisioned as a test of wits and a challenge to a person’s survival instincts. While today’s paintball remains a test of wits and does still challenge a person to survive, the game has evolved into a multi-faceted recreational obsession with something for everyone. Whether they’re looking for an athletic sport to play from the local to international professional level, a weekend hobby with family and friends, an opportunity to live a superhero movie, or simply shoot targets that don’t shoot back, paintball doesn’t fail to satisfy that need!

At the local level paintball park owners keep things interesting throughout a day of paintball by mixing up the possible game formats. What started with “capture the flag” pitting individuals and teams against one-another to capture flags or be the last player standing, has evolved into attack-and-defend style games. Now teams are challenged to hold a castle, fort or building against players coming to take it, or in “total elimination” games a team must completely eliminate their opposing team to win the game. All of the above have been added to the traditional capture the flag format requiring a team to battle through to their opposing team’s flag station, capture that flag and bring it back for the win.

More recently, local fields have created Zombie hunts that give everyone the ability to battle the walking dead without the worry of being marked with a paintball! Many parks have constructed numerous scenes in which actors portray zombies that must be eliminated by paintball marker-equipped survivors. These survivors often ride in buses or on trucks and trailers, who roll from scene to scene knocking the zombies out with glowing green Craze paintballs that make for an amazing Halloween experience! For those interested in trying paintball without the worry of how it may feel to be marked with a paintball, these Fall events are a great and affordable choice for the entire family!

On the regional and national level major paintball parks and event production companies produce paintball big games and scenario events that invite players from around the country and even the world to share in amazing experiences that draw thousands! The feeling of stepping onto the paintball field with several hundred, or even a thousand teammates is indescribable, especially when the air is filled with flying paint! These scenario events often place players on squads and in large units tasked with accomplishing missions or capturing and holding buildings, locations or valuable props placed around the field of play. Teams score points by successfully accomplishing these goals throughout games that often run eight, twelve and even twenty-four hours! Many scenario events even allow dedicated players and teams to role play, taking on personas from major movies like Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan and Blackhawk Down, or major comic books and movies, allowing players to be a hero or even a villain one paintball at a time!

 Many teams of friends and families travel the country to enjoy new and amazing locations to play paintball scenario games and make memories that last a lifetime. Each paintball player can fall in love with and enjoy paintball however they’d like, and paintball has a million games, events, playing styles and game types to keep players in love and coming back game after game, season after season, year after year! Don’t be afraid to try a new game type, visit a major scenario event or hunt a few Zombies this weekend!