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The Halloween Zombie Haunt Craze!

By September 13, 2019No Comments

Craze Paintballs Power Halloween Shootouts at Parks Everywhere!

As summertime draws to a close and the weather begins to cool, as Fall closes in around North America, the falling temperatures mean only one thing – the Zombies are coming. Well, it might mean some other things too, e.g. how cooler Fall temperatures make for amazing days of play at paintball parks and fields, how Pumpkin spice everything starts to pop up at stores and coffee shops and that the hoodies come back out of the closet; but the latest craze in paintball is definitely: THE ZOMBIES. Indeed, whether they be called Halloween Haunts, Zombie Hayrides, Zombie Hunts or any of the other clever names attached to them, the concept is simple. Paintball players and non-paintball players alike, hop aboard trucks or trailers armed to the teeth with paintball guns loaded with G.I. Sportz Craze paintballs to hunt down and blast hordes of Zombies.

Once a customer’s tried it, the fun of a Halloween Zombie Hunt is amazing! Load up a paintball marker with G.I. Sportz Craze paintballs that glow when fired and suddenly each and every customer is living a live-action video game riding from scene to scene, blasting Zombies! This is also a great way to introduce new potential players to paintball as the outing is relatively inexpensive and nobody’s shooting back, taking the worry over what it might feel like to be marked with a paintball out of the equation. Paintball parks and fields that have embraced this great attraction provide their area communities with a great, family-friendly Fall and Halloween activity that’s safe for all ages! Plus, with these Zombie Hunts powered by reliable and durable Tippmann markers and high quality, glowing Craze paintballs, which truly take the experience to the next level, players and promoters alike can worry less about their equipment and enjoy the crisp weather and Zombie-blasting FUN!

For more information on local Zombie Hunts visit your local paintball field or head to ! For park and field owners ready to host their own Zombie Haunt powered by Tippmann paintball guns and G.I. Sportz Craze paintballs, head to and contact the company now!