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Snakeskin’s Soundbites

By October 26, 2017August 13th, 2019No Comments

The style and diversity of paintball, and all aspects of play is astounding.  Lets start with the markers.  The marker industry and the technology behind them has gone through a crazy evolution over the last 30+ years.  From the Nelspot 007 to the space guns of today, the basics of projecting a paintball may be similar but that is where it ends.  We now have markers with OLED color displays and control boards that make sounds and talk to you.  It is truly amazing how many of the players have been active in changing the design and operation of markers over the years.

The player style has gone from some fatigues you bought at the local army surplus store for a back yard woodsball game to space age materials being crafted into works of art.  Jerseys and pants come in every shape, size, and style.  Masks have evolved like crazy as well.  I remember seeing pictures of guys running around with shop goggles.  None of that today.  Now we have futuristic masks that have holographic displays on the lense, feeding the player info via Bluetooth.   Some of the foam in the masks of today are a higher grade than you would find in expensive furniture.  The way we transport paintballs while playing has changed from some canvas pouches hanging from your belt to memory foam pod packs that have built in lumbar support.  It has definitely changed from a rugged outdoor combat sport to a comfortable player-oriented recreational sport.  It is so exciting to watch this sport evolve into the levels of legitimacy we witness today.  That’s just my point of view.